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We have just completed the 5 days Super Successful Free Series (75+ Attendees) for Trainers, Mentors, Coaches and Consultants

We are going to repeat the same next week as well and we would be helping Experts in diversified domains in 3 steps 

1. Kick of their journey as an Entrepreneur

2. Earn their First Million 

3. Mission 10X Challenge

We would discuss various ways by which they can automate their sales and marketing process till the certifications to achieve Scalability, Flexibility and Financial Freedom 

Please join the 5 days session from Monday to Friday on 5 different topics from Personal Branding to Digital Transformations at 5 PM IST 

For joining into 5 Days Learning program enroll the batch below and get an encrypted secured link 1 hour and 10 minutes before the session  

Look forward to see you soon. 

Struggling with independent Payment Gateways, Video Conferencing Links, Calendar and email reminders and recording  accesses ??

Now, get an Integrated end to end Blended Learning Platform with 

1. Payment Gateway

1. Webinar Modules and Management 

2. Live Streaming Integration to Social Media 

3. Content Recording and Editing 

4. Affiliate Marketing module

5. Discount Code module

6. TV/OTT/Radio channel Promotions among 200+ Million viewers in 140+ countries 

7. LIVE Classes

8. eLearning Programs 

9. Community Development 

10. Sales Funnel Tracking 

11. Marketing Automation platform 

12. 1 on 1 Connect/Mentoring with auto cut features after scheduled time

13. Comments and Likes option on landing pages 

14. Private discussions forums

15. Online Assessments and Grading 

16. Certifications 

17. Upto 100% Revenue Sharing model 

18. Virtual Assistants

19. Digital Marketing 

20. Virtual Labs and Simulations

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