Kashmiri Pandit Startup #BringleBlendedMeetup


Aims and Objectives

KP Startups is an attempt at creating a platform for the KP Startups and SMEs to come and grow together . Our objective is to collaborate with all stakeholders to help and support creation of a business ecosystem in KP Community. The ‘KP Startups’ envisages an ecosystem to facilitate learning, sharing and mutual benefit and growth. One of our core priorities is economic improvement of our community by being a force multiplier in intra-community trade. We also will actively work towards changing the mindset of our community from being job oriented to Business oriented.


This is essentially a KP (Kashmiri Pandits) Startups organization. Only members of the community are allowed to be members however in very exceptional cases, non KP’s who have made a mark in the Corporate or Business fields can be added as a source of inspiration and guidance to lead us to success in our path .

We have prepared a database of all companies who are registered with us in form of an Online Directory . It’s being updated all the time as we get member details from registering companies.  We encourage all companies to register themselves by submitting the online form given below. This will enable companies to advertise, market and present their services and products to our community in India and Overseas. This can be done via Social Media, Website, Events and traditional Media as never before in past We are a 5 Lakhs strong community and all are more or less well established . So this strength is good enough to cater to our needs and aspirations.

Location And Coordinators-

1. Jammu: Rahul Pandit, Ratan Lal Koul Umesh Talashi 
2. Delhi NCR: Abbinow Talashi  Sunil Trisal,Vinod Kumar Pandita 
3. Pune: Vikrant Koul,Rohit Kachroo 
4. Mumbai: Romil Mahaldar, Kapil Mattoo
4. Bangalore: Dheeraj Razdan


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  Trainers or mentors
  College students
  Corporate professionals