The Learning Factory

A Puppet Play In English


Trinayani welcomes you to a whole new experience of puppetry. We invite you to our event “The Learning Factory", a puppet musical, at the #KalaGhodaArtsFestival 2019.

As an art form, Puppetry has an universal appeal. This show is a creative adaptation of George Reavis’s “The Animal School”. The play tells the story of animals in a forest who decide to create a school with the same rules for all students. In the course of running it, however, they realize that such a system will not work and that they need to play to each student’s strengths rather than trying to fit them into pre-conceived and fixed categories.

This 50-minute play is strung together with seven original songs written to popular tunes. A question and answer session after the play will complete the experience.

A special call to teachers & academicians: Over the past few years, with the enforcement of the Right to Education (RTE) law, there has been much emphasis on including students with disabilities and specific learning needs in the mainstream education system. This push is seldom accompanied by teaching students about what 'inclusion' means and how it can be practiced. This show is a hearty step in stirring that conversation with an eye on inclusive education.

  Trainers or mentors
  School students
  Corporate professionals
  House wives