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#DesignYourUnicorn is a Cross-Border Lean Startup Blended Learning Program

If you are a Trainer, Mentor, Coach, Consultant, Technologist or having any expertise, Please enrol to our Global Community of 11000+ Mentors from 50+ Countries here 

If you are an Investor and would like to invest in the evaluated startups basis our Design Your Unicorn copyrighted methodology, update your interests by enrolling the 1000+ Cross Border Investors here 

Every Idea become a startup but every startup doesn't become a Unicorn. We at #DesignyourUnicorn facilitate the making of your idea into a unicorn with Right Mindset, Mentoring & Skilling Founders & Team for Operational Excellence, Investment Support & Cross-Border markets.

We believe every idea has a chance to be the Unicorn status. We thrive for it.

It is a 3 step methodology to improve the success rate of Startups which is currently <3% and provide a objective methodology to track progress for  

  1. MindSet - Developing a Right Mindset and making Entrepreneurs for tough times ahead & also provide them with continuous support to keep striving.
  2. SkillSets - Discovering their team Skillsets, Nurture (Re-Skilling) them through our Holistic Development Programs and Utilize them for the right Job Roles of the Organization.
  3. Sustainance - Execute a Digital Transformation Roadmap with Data Analytics to achieve Operational Excellence (Revenue Increase, Cost Optimization & Working Capital Enhancement) leading to Customer Delight, Employee Satisfaction & Investor's ROI. 

Bringle Academy is developing a Cross-Border ecosystem of Investors, Mentors and Entrepreneurs in 100+ countries and working towards bringing 100 Unicorns in this decade (2020-2030).

Following are benefits on joining this community

  1. #BringleTalks Series with Pitch Page for Investor's interactions
  2. 1 on 1 Mentoring on Business Model Preparation - 30 min
  3. 10 Seconds pitch to 140+ countries with 200+ million viewers
  4. LIVE Pitching to our Cross Border Investors once approved
  5. Helpline & Discussion Forums
  6. Free Mentoring from our selected Global list of Mentors
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