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Bringle provides an Exclusive platform for Industry Leaders organized around the value creation elements of Global collaboration.

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Happy Bringling 😊
Are you a Mentor/Coach/Leader who would like to reach globally?  
Do you want to interview the people globally?
Do you want to curate your own course and run entrance tests and assessments ? 
Would you like the prepaid #1on1Mentoring?  
Would you like to conduct or already conducting Global Blended Meetups or Webinars ? 
Do you use any video calling platform with lots of administrative and payment hassles ? 
If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then we would like to extend this community access to you. The entry is perfectly free for you. Some part of the content that is globally accessible is also free for members. But our patented programs and content are chargeable. You shall find three different sections to navigate here. Select the plan that suits you best and enrol.
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PreLaunch Offer - Own your Own Virtual Classroom & Connect Globally (80% Discount only for first 100 subscriptions)

We are extending our platform access to all the Mentors now and you can use the various features of platform in the cost lesser than any video calling software.

80% Discount Only for the First 100 subscriptions INR 9999 / USD 149

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End to End Blended Learning Platform, Virtual Clasrooms and Content Curation platform with Annual Access and and features like 

1.      BlendedMeetups

2.      Webinars

3.      Learning Management System

4.      1 on 1 Mentoring

5.      Content Curation Platform as per your instructional design 

6.      Discussion forums 

7.      Entrance test platform 

8.      Objective and Subjective Assessments 

9.      Wikipedia notes 

10.  Existing YouTube and other content linkages with controlled viewing 

11.  Pdf, word, excel integration 

12.  Gamification platform access 

13.  External links integration

14.  Reviews and comments

15.  Secured usage

16. LIVE streaming to various social media platforms 

Along with that, we would record your #BringleTalks LIVE which would be hosted by our CoFounder

Additionally, you would also get the 1 Year Exclusive Access to the following 

1. Complete repository of #BringleTalks & #BringleBlendedMeetups

2. Bringle Academy Exclusive Social Media Post Listing 

3. Bringle Academy's Skills Development Magazine Application for posting small skills development posts and articles

4. Personal Branding and Digital Marketing Guide

5. Video Tutorial on "How to use #VirtualSkillsDevelopmentCentre for your programs"

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 Self-paced program
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