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Restart Your Career

Restart Your Career is an initiative to support those women who have sacrificed their career due to family and now struggling to help themselves

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Happy Bringling

An independent woman is a woman who is self-reliant. It does not mean she has to be self-sufficient. It is a confidence gained by a woman, who is able to control her own life choices.

Bringle Academy is looking for Women for the various Part Time or Full Time opportunities in 

1. Generating leads through Social Media and Personal contacts for various Digital and Outreach services to Mentors and work as an Account Manager

2. Working as a trainer from home in your specialisation using our Digital platform. We will train on how to promote yourself over Social media and personal contacts. Basis on the reviews on the platform, you would also be employed for our programs. 

3. Conducting financial awareness and experiential learning workshops (complete training will be provided) in schools, colleges and corporates within 10 km of radius of your home 

There are 3 areas where we are supporting women who would like to Restart their Career 

1. Anybody would like to go back to Job and need help in preparing resume, soft skills development and understanding the current corporate scenario 

2. Anybody who would like to develop something of their own either part time/full time but having no idea how do they start.

3. Anybody who are more of entrepreneurial mindset and would like support in Investments, Mentoring and Collaborations.

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