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Brand building is a long-term process which requires consistent efforts and resources to achieve Top of mind recall in minds of your Target Audience.
Ideally, there should be a 1 Year Plan for Brand Building Process, but we can start off with just the 1st Phase of Brand Building Process i.e 3 Months Action Plan
Strategy Overview
  • Dedicated Professional Content for you to position as a Thought Leader.
  • Consistent Online Presence across platforms with predefined Content Strategy
  • Using Inbound & Content Marketing - which provides valuable content to the audience with subtle Brand placement
  • Creating a long lasting Brand Identity with a relevant color palette, Font style and Tone of voice in all communications.
  • Promoting Testimonials for improving your credibility
  • Creating a series of content (Mini Stories) which talks about your core competencies and experience
  • Improving the reach by using relevant hashtags & keywords in the description 
  • More emphasis on visual content over textual content
  • Using Clean, Professional and Minimalistic Design elements in creating content
3 Months Action Plan:
1st Month Priority: Creating content based upon previous work of yours to build professional credibility on Social Media.
2nd Month Priority: Promoting Thought Leadership & Personal Insights about your targette Industry.
3rd Month Priority:  Mixture of Professional & Personal content for Emotional Connect with the target audience.
Content Calendar: 
  • Will be prepared based upon trending topics & your work plan
  • To maintain the quality of the content, we'd recommend focussing 70% on Graphic Posts + 20% on Articles & 10% on Video Content
  • The mixture of multiple themes like - Informational Content, Personal Content, Pitch, Giveaways etc will be used in the Final Content Calendar to keep the content engaging & dynamic in nature.
Deliverables by BRINGLE
  • Our dedicated team of content creators will create & post 1 Unique Post (Image) Daily with the relevant description & hashtags on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram & Google+ 
  • Fortnightly Article Posting on Quora*
  • Fortnightly Video on YouTube channel*
  • Fortnightly Infographic on Pinterest*
  • 1 MasterClass Recording and Editing every month
  • 1 LIVE Promotion Session being managed every week
  • Daily Posting on Skills Development Magazine on our Mobile App - SkillsChamp promoting you as a Thought Leader and Mentor (this can be shared in various Social Media Platforms and Whatsapp or other chat applications)
  • Organic Promotions and sharing your posts to respective groups
  • Inorganic Boosting at Actuals.
(*Need Inputs from your End)
Please reach out to us at for a Complimentary Personal Branding Strategy for yourself.

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 Self-paced program
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Corporate professionals
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