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Bringle Academy is developing a Cross-Border ecosystem of Investors, Mentors and Entrepreneurs in 100+ countries.

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#Vision2020 - 100 TITANs
Bringle Academy is targeting to reach 100,000 (100 thousand) Mentors/Experts from 100+ countries and felicitation 100 Super Leaders as TITANs 
You can spend 15 minutes of your valuable time (check the 3 step process below and the above demo video) and 
Start by creating your complimentary and pre-approved #1on1Mentoring profile
2. Complete your profile section (5 tabs including experience, blogs etc)
3. Apply as a Mentor in "Become a Mentor" tab (6th tab in the profile section)
Once you are onboarded, we would like to invite you for a 15 minutes #BringleTalks followed by predefined QnA session. 
We would create a teaser and a professional edited video and would be uploaded on yours and Bringle Academy's YouTube channel.
Basis on the feedbacks and comments received on the YouTube channel, our platform and various Social Media Accounts, we would be upgrading your membership from Basic (30% Royality Sharing) to Premium (70% Royality) to Platinum (90% Royality) level.
All the Mentors/Experts/Leaders in the Platinum category would be entitled to participate in the mega event in December 2019 where we would be felicitating the first 100 TITANs.
With the recording of #BringleTalks, you would also get the Complete platform access for the following features : - 
End to End Blended Learning Platform (Basic Membership) with access and features like

1.      BlendedMeetups

2.      Webinars

3.      Learning Management System

4.      1 on 1 Mentoring

5.      Content Curation Platform as per your instructional design

6.      Discussion forums

7.      Entrance test platform

8.      Objective and Subjective Assessments

9.      Wikipedia notes

10.   Existing YouTube and other content linkages with controlled viewing

11.   Pdf, word, excel integration 

12.   Gamification platform access

13.   External links integration

14.   Reviews and comments

15.  Secured usage for IP protection

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