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Bringle Academy is developing a Cross-Border ecosystem of Investors, Mentors and Entrepreneurs in 100+ countries.

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About this Program

#DesignYourUnicorn is a Cross-Border Lean Startup Blended Learning Program

Every Idea become a startup but every startup doesn't become a Unicorn. We at #DesignyourUnicorn facilitate the making of your idea into a unicorn with Right Mindset, Mentoring & Skilling Founders & Team for Operational Excellence, Investment Support & Cross-Border markets.

We believe every idea has a chance to be the Unicorn status. We thrive for it.

It is a 3 step methodology to improve the success rate of Startups which is currently <3% and provide a objective methodology to track progress for  

  1. MindSet - Developing a Right Mindset and making Entrepreneurs for tough times ahead & also provide them with continuous support to keep striving.
  2. SkillSets - Discovering their team Skillsets, Nurture (Re-Skilling) them through our Holistic Development Programs and Utilize them for the right Job Roles of the Organization.
  3. Sustainance - Execute a Digital Transformation Roadmap with Data Analytics to achieve Operational Excellence (Revenue Increase, Cost Optimization & Working Capital Enhancement) leading to Customer Delight, Employee Satisfaction & Investor's ROI. 

Bringle Academy is developing a Cross-Border ecosystem of Investors, Mentors and Entrepreneurs in 100+ countries and working towards bringing 100 Unicorns in this decade (2020-2030).

Following are benefits on joining this Program

  1. #BringleTalks Series with Pitch Page for Investor's interactions
  2. 1 on 1 Mentoring on Business Model Preparation - 30 min
  3. 10 Seconds pitch to 140+ countries with 200+ million viewers
  4. LIVE Pitching to our Cross Border Investors once approved
  5. Helpline & Discussion Forums
  6. Free Mentoring from our selected Global list of Mentors

There would be 3 step process which we would be working with you to promote your startups across the globe through our platform. 

1. You will need to create your founders profile and give all possible details about your startup and other reference links of blogs, media links etc

2. We will then need a 2 minute pitch video from you to curate a startup community page on our platform where Investors and Collaborators can come and interact with you in the discussion forum available there. And you can keep adding the various information and resources in the page for sharing it with everyone. 

3. We will then align a LIVE pitching session with our cross-border Investor Jury Panel who would evaluate and ask questions from you.. this would be further edited and added in your startup community page. 

You would also receive a 1 year complimentary access to the video+audio conferencing + screenshare platform to interact with the investors globally and access to all our #BringleTalks and #BringleBlendedMeetups to attend and network globally.

BRINGLE is already having entity in India and UK and currently working to establish themselves in Singapore, USA, Australia, Singapore, Europe, South Africa, Dubai etc

Whether they are early stage, scaling up or even matured startups, we have realized that they would need Mentoring and Investments at each stage. While most of the Entrepreneurs think that Investment is the main reason why they don't grow but what we have realized is that the main reason for their failures is the right guidance at the right time. I have had instances in my own startups where it had to be shut down either because of investment issues or inefficient usage of the funds or even due to the founders conflict. Many a times, they are unable to target the right market or would have execution challenges.

We would like to leverage our cross-border community and investor ecosystem for startups.

Currently, we would like to offer the following yearly support to you which will eventually help you to get the investors across the globe. 

We are trying to leverage our Digital and Outreach Platform and help investors and entrepreneurs to interact and work together across the world. 

We can learn following lessons from this sad episode of CCD :

1 - Debt is death. Don't get trapped in debt., Better to stay small till you find out some alternative.

2 - Respect and comply to strong corporate governance policies before they eat you up

3 - Be careful of whom you are bringing in as investors, some of these are VULTURE capitalists 

4 -  Create the profit based business model as soon as possible. Not getting it right will be the biggest mistake you will do whether you run a small business or big one.

5 - Have a network of peer Entrepreneurs to share your failures, stress and emotions. Most of 9-5 people don't get it. It is important to reach out to mentors and peers in case of distress.

6 - Have a network of resourceful friends who believe in you and your ideas and I ready to invest when no peer entrepreneur supports you.

7 - Have a close set of group with wonderful family members and friends whom u can rely and lean on, share what's going on inside u without being judged, answers your calls when u need, even if they r not resourceful, they will give u emotional support and all the love and reasons to make this world a wonderful place to live in.

And yes go for a cup of coffee with another human being whenever u find them...know them...share your stories...

A lot has happened over coffee
A lot can happen over coffee
Keep Bringling Keep Growing 
And,Keep spreading the #BringleDreamWave
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