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Contribute a small amount in the interest of Humanity 

This entire amount will go to Charity to Non Profit Organization (NPO) #Vardaan4u for setting up Skills Development Centres for the following initiatives #Vision2020

1.  Women Empowering Women and helping their children to become Masters Beyond Academics-The aim is to enable women across cities to have one central hub within the city from where women can launch their second innings in their respective careers or business We are also looking for organizers for the second innings in their careers or businesses.

Bringle will be the Digital and Investment Partner and the women would be the Managing Partners here supporting those women who wants to continue their career.

2. #SkillsVardaan - Providing holistic development to school children and college students 


3. #LakhiBagh - 100k sustainable employment.

Join Bringle's hasht#Top100MentorsClub and be a part of India's Biggest Skills Development Ecosystem. Our Network includes industry leaders, code masters, professors , Trainers, Business Coaches, Mentors, Engineers and Experts from various domains.

Benefits of Joining Bringle Network:
1. Personal Branding & Marketing Support
2. Exclusive Access to Bringle Platform
3. Global Reach with End-to-End Support
4. Dedicated Platform to Showcase & Share Your Skills
5. Live Streaming Platform integrated with YouTube Channel
6. Become a part of Global Community and Share Resources

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