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Most trainers and speakers aspire to speak on platforms like TEDx / TED. So did I. It took me more than a year to get an opportunity. I have been speaking on the stage, both in English and Hindi, since I was in Class 7. Throughout my Army career, addressing various audiences was a regular practice. Oration came to me naturally. Yet, this TEDx experience was entirely different. The last time I did anything like this was a 20 minutes lecturette in Staff College in 1983.

Let me share some of my experience with my speaker friends who aspire to speak at TEDx.

1.      Format - TEDx format is different. For a 18 minutes talk I need 18 hours of preparation; for a 30 mins talk I need 5-6 hours; for an hour and above, I can talk right now. I read this somewhere and found it so true. This is a tough format and the TIMER dominates the show. For me it was as if a driver who has driven a car for 20 years is asked to drive a truck. The fundamentals are the same but it’s a different skill altogether – a different ball game.

2.      Content - The idea is the point of focus here. It takes priority over speaking skills, I felt. An idea that has a story or a strong message / lesson and can be conveyed effectively in 18 minutes.

3.       Script - I had to write and re-write a script several times, which I have never done for my trainings / speaking assignments. Here it is important. It   must be structured, in proper flow in less than 2000 words.

4.      Rehearsals - In a TEDx format, the rehearsals are extremely important. Audio recording my speech and listening to it before sleeping, driving, walking etc helped. Then I switched to video to correct my body language and gestures. As per advice I carried out two rehearsals on the stage. This is a must, if possible. Getting familiar with the stage conditions helps a lot.

5.      Guidance -  Rehearsal in front of a friend or a few friends who are willing to give you honest, constructive FeedForward is another must. I must thank Toastmaster and TEDx speaker Harsimran Singh who was a real support and help. Bijay Gautam also witnessed my final rehearsal in Delhi and that was a great help, too.

6.      Time - It is better to plan and rehearse a script in 15 to maximum 16 minutes. This ensures that you will finish in time. My rehearsed speech was 16 minutes but on the stage I clocked 17 mins 47 secs. Keeping that allowance is necessary, I feel.

7.      Innovation - Use of props, or something different helps. Use slides only if they add an impact or else do without them. Its better.

8.       Audience - I thought keeping the online audience, which will watch the video on You Tube, is more important than the audience present in the hall. That impact is temporary.


If having knowledge would pay then every student would be rich. It is how you propagate your knowledge that makes the difference. Becoming a trainer isn’t about conducting sessions or seminars but about creating an impact. Most trainers train others because they have expertise. Super trainers train because they can impact millions of individuals and leave a mark on this world. The question arises,

Who is a super trainer?

·         An expert in a technical/behavioural field

·         A new graduate

·         A person trying to redefine his career path


 Brigadier Sushil Bhasin’s Train The Super Trainer (TTST) Program is all about working with extraordinary people with an ordinary impact on the world and making them extraordinary people with an extraordinary impact. You have the necessary skills to train people, all you need now is a push to become the best version of yourself.

 The TTST Program Covers:

·         Training as a career

·         Future of L&D

·         Pain points of the environment

·         What trainers can do?

·         Business of Training

·         The Training process – Womb to Tomb

·         Experiential Learning

·         Activity based training

·         Art of Facilitation

·         Outbound training including Safety

·         Belief System – (Glass walking / Rod bending)

The Super Trainer’s Boot Camp (STBC) Covers:

·         Experiential Learning

·         Art of Facilitation

·         Outbound training

·         Hard core adventure – Burma bridge, Zip Line, Raft Building.

·         Specific Activities (where facilities exist) – DCC (Dynamic Challenge Course)

·         Outdoor activities (can be conducted in any open space) Key Punch, Split Pipes, A-Frame

·         Morning Fitness session

·         Organising a Camp fire

This is your chance to not only use your knowledge but be the driver of change in this world. As a super trainer, you can impact millions of people in your lifetime and regardless to mention that your own life will never be the same again.

 Don’t just be a trainer, BE A SUPER TRAINER.


One day workshop to get you started

1.      Why write a book? Have a clear purpose.

2.      Select your subject carefully. Be clear about your target audience. Perfect book title and cover

3.      Structure. Line up your ideas as chapters.  Sequence and flow is important

4.      Structure of each chapter

5.      Editing and proof reading

6.      Illustrations and diagrams.

7.      Selecting a publisher

8.      Marketing. Use of a book as a marketing tool.

9.      Distribution

10.  Engaging the Reader

Who will teach you all this?

Brigadier Sushil Bhasin is a TEDx Speaker, Trainer, and Author known for his passion for achieving and contributing to outcome-focused results. He is equipped with 34 years of rich, vast and varied training experience in the Army followed by 14 years in the Corporate domain. His signature seminar Train the Super Trainer, (TTST) has touched the lives of 1,000+ aspiring trainers across Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad.

His Accolades:

·         Certified by world famous Tom Heck, President & Founder of the IATF (International Association of Teamwork Facilitators). (“Leader As Coach-FastTrack Program”- An  intensive 7-week leadership development program engaging professionals on four continents).

·         Trained by world class trainers like Jack Canfield, Anthony Robbins (Total Success and Unleash The Power Within), Brian Tracy (Psychology of Winning), T Harv Eker (Train the Trainer), Bob Nelson, Blair Singer, Michael Losier (Law of Attraction) and John Foppe.

·         First Indian to present a workshop in the elite forum of AEE (USA) in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

And a lot more…


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