TiE IoT Forum Agri Tech - 2019

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About Course

This would be the world's first event which is going to run parallely in physically and virtually on #VirtualSkillsDevelopmentCentre Bringle.in

As an Outreach and Skills Development Platform partner for TiE Bangalore, Bringle will be introduced to their programs and TiE will conducted Masterclasses on Aria on various topics. The first of these will be:

IoT AgriTech - 2019

Date: Sat. 9th Feb 2019


  • Dynamics of Inclusive Payment Systems
  • Digital AgriTech Solutions


  • Next-Gen Technology Interventions
  • Future Farming - Smart Agriculture & Enhanced Productivity, ROI
  • Futuristic Farm Automhereation - Ease of Operation Tools
  • AgriTech Accelerator - Entrepreneurship Aggregation & Employment Creation

Organizers Information:

  • Ashok Meda, Senior Consultant, Dept. of Horticulture, CoE-GoK
  • Arvind Tiwary, Chair, TiE IoT Forum
  • Venkatesh Kumaran, President & Partner, AxLerateNOW
  • T. R. Anand, Advisor, Seed Investor & Leadership Consultant, T R Anand Consultants

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