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Entrepreneurship Garage and Bringle Academy are bringing to you the world’s biggest “Studentpreneur Challenge” where students will compete to pitch to cross border investors for funding. We see students wipe many ideas into the dust, where they seek support in encouraging their ideas and shaping them to take to the market. And here we are, to take your idea to the next stage.



The event is encompassed with Talks | Mentorship |Live pitch where you will learn, pitch & engage with like minded people.

We are finding India’s best 100 studentpreneurs who will be chosen based on the screening process. 

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What’s exciting ?

Bringing to you 25+ thought leaders, 5000+ students participation, 20+ strategic & financial investors to pitch and what not.

You will be engaged with

In a community where you discuss, evolve & make choices.

  •  Talks: Many thought leaders will come and talk in the areas of Thought leadership, Customer experience, Process & digital transformation & Value generation which are the major element for you to create an entrepreneurial minds
  •   Mentorship: Every idea and specially every founder needs to re-look, re-assess and revise i.e every idea is a best idea but not the business idea. Everyone starts a company but does not run the company. Similarly, before you enter the pitch ring practising is most important and we will get the ring trainers to you.
  •  Live pitching: The day of examination i.e entering the pitch ring for investments which will be held in the month of october.
  • Note: Students can choose any one or two options to go to the stage of pitching

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Who should take part

  • Students who have an idea, seeking for help to shape the idea and get investments can apply 
  • Students looking to get into a better profiled job can apply too, because today it's an advantage for companies if a candidate enter’s their organisation with an entrepreneurial mindset. 
  • Students who is passionate to learn and want to get groomed towards entrepreneurship should definitely take part
  • As said “Participation is more important than winning”. 

Why should i take part

  • You will experience the first of its kind learning process towards entrepreneurship. 
  • You will get in to the pitch ring along with us
  • You will know where you stand, how better you stand from others and are you here to rule the stand. 
  • A right platform for you to project your idea for investments 
  • Certificate of participation will be provided



AP   A P - 5 months ago

An app for smartphones and desktop where users earn money for listening to music, artists can upload song for free and earn money based on how many times their songs are played. 

AP   A P - 5 months ago

A Platform where listeners earn money for listening to music ...Artists can upload songs for free and earn money based on how much listen their song gets.


The Music Industry is being run by corporate ideals.
Artists can change the world. But everyday thousands of artists make a good song, fail to sell it to Spotify because it's not commercially feasible and go to bed defeated. Once again day after day after day.

People are listening to bad music simply because that's all that is available today. If by chance a decent song is released, they fall in love with it.
When they have an incentive to earn money for listening to music, they will discover more music and the quality of music and artistry in this world will develop.

Why? Because I want to make this world a better place.

I'm an internationally released musician, a licensed music producer and I know problems about the industry nobody else talks about because it has become normal.
I will not accept this.
I will make a better world. Today, I will start with music. Tomorrow I will tackle the problems of the literary Industry.

I need help from investors and mentors like you. I'm a 19 year old who knows the outside and inside of the industry ... but knows nothing about running a company.
But let me tell you, even if you don't help me, I will find a way to do it. I am determined and I will figure it out at the endnof the day no matter how long or difficult it is.

The only difference is, you cam make it easier for me by sharing my dream and vision with me. In turn, you will also help make this world a better place and lay down a legacy in life, in this world.
People complain about Global Warming, Corruption, Evils of Bureaucracy. All they do is complain.

For the first time, you have come across a young, crazy, motivated teenager who is willing to do something about it rather than complain. You have a chance to make this world a better place for your children. The choice is upto you.

-> Only 1% of Spotify users get a subscription. Money is a differentiating factor.
-> The Music Labels (the middlemen) will be removed if an Artist can make a song themselves and release it on this app
-> The app can have personalised contracts between an original artist of a song and people who wish to make a cover of that song. Something Music Labels don't do currently and every musician in the industry wants this.


--> Google, Facebook, Apple, IKEA, Reliance... they're all missing something and they spend every waking moment trying to have it.
--> The Mind of the Consumer.

A song carries a message with it. It has psychological implications. We need statistical analysts to sell our research.

The money, we pay the lion's share to the listener because it is their information to begin with. We keep a small commission for bringing to them this music and this opportunity to earn.

If you think this is a terrible idea, there is an app. Mobile Expressions. It is removed from the playstore because it extracts data of the consumers and sells it to the wallstreet.

People still download it from other sources and install it. Do you know why? They offer Rs. 300 worth Amazon Gift Cards at the end of the month.

The moment you install Mobile Expressions, it tells you that it will monitor your smartphone activity. It also happily says that the conclusions of this monitoring will be given to Marketing Agencies.
People still click on I agree and let Mobile Expressipns take their data.
Wall Street still pays Mobile Expressions enough money so they they can give giftcards to every single user at the end of the month. American users get $75 worth of gift cards every 2 weeks in fact. You can buy an iPhone if you collect the gift cards for the whole year (12x2x75 = iPhone 11 Pro + AirPods Pro)

For the Artists, we will use Blockchain Technology to draw contracts about Metadata of song. They can upload whatever they want. And we pay them money just like YouTube or Spotify or SoundCloud would. That isn't a big problem. Plus, we earn some commission here too. Just a little. Music Labels and Music Distributors don't let Artists make cover songs and remixes until they pay money and purchase the rights and licenses. Our platform, using blockchain can draw individual contracts between the original song creator and the individual making its rendition. The contract will entail the revenue splits.

This company is for the Listeners and Artists. Everybody who loves music. Not for us to earn money.

And there is no need of a music Label or a distributor agency or a marketing agency anymore.


What ?

We will make Applications. Android, iOS, Windows, Mac...people can log into this app simply like any other app.

It's a simple idea. Nobody has thought about it before because people have just accepted the problems. Sooner or Later, people will acknowledge there is a problem. Somebody will try to solve it.
It's bwtter if you and I, who have realised it now solve it.

Human Beings are social creatures. We need to work for the Society more than ourselves