RoboGrok Robotics 1

Grok - From the Robert Heinlein novel Stranger in a Strange Land. To internalize, to drink deeply, to thoroughly grasp

About Course

Video lectures cover a wide range of robotics topics common to most university robotics classes, including forward and inverse kinematics, sensors and computer vision (machine vision), and feedback motion control. Theory is paired with hands-on building and programming tasks using a kit of parts that allows you to practice as you learn, and end up building and programming complete robots.  

The course involves programming in C and Python, but begins assuming you have never programmed in these languages before.  It is helpful if you have some experience already with matrix math (adding/subtracting and multiplying matrices and vectors) and trigonometry.  You will be introduced to OpenCV in Python and the PSoC microcontroller.

All of the topics in the course lead to building and programming a complete, working, 3-degree-of-freedom SCARA pick-and-place manipulator by understanding and practicing all of the theory underneath.  The course uses the RoboGrok robotics parts kit.

Who this course is for:
  • Students interested in becoming Engineers and ready for or currently enrolled in a university-level robotics course