Fundmentals in Robot C and VEX Robotics

Everything you need to get started with VEX Robotics

About Course

Why Vex Robotics?

VEX Robotics is the ultimate robotics platform for the 7-10 Digital Technologies Curriculum. VEX has text based coding in the most universal programming language: "C'. It also has a capacity for data management and analysis and finally, VEX has a capacity to use coding and robotics to solve real world problems.

What is special about this course?

After eight lessons, students complete several quite advanced examples of INPUT / OUTPUT programming whereby they control the speed and the direction of a motor by bringing their hand closer to and further from a distance sensor. This task is broken down into the simplest possible steps; in each step students add two to three lines of code, experiment with changing variables and observing the output of the robot. This ensures that they understand not only what each line of code does, but how it does it and what will happen when it changes.


Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who just acquired a VEX robotics kit and is keen to get started
  • Robotics enthusiasts looking into the VEX platform
  • Robotics Enthusiasts looking to program Robot C