Coding for kids: Math & Robotics Programming for kids

10+ activities on Robot Programming for kids. Learn Math / Mathematics while having fun. Coding for kids & Parents !

About Course

# Absolutely no hardware required

This course has been developed after 5 years of extensive research on STEM & Robotics for kids. We have taken small steps to enhance the knowledge of Math & Programming using a software Robot Simulation.

This is a highly researched STEM (Science Technology Engineering & Mathematics) course introducing you and your kids to the world of Robotics Programming, Computer Game Design & Mathematics. 

  • Learn to Write Programs for the Software Robot
  • Learn to Simulate the Software Robot
  • Learn Scratch Programming
  • Learn Scratch Gaming
  • Learn Math fundamentals through Programming & Gaming
  • Drag & Drop based software to learn programming easily


Learn to create Technology through Programming

  • Learn about Robotics programming and how robots are made to move and turn
  • Using timers to wait between two different activities of a robot.
  • Program & simulate the Robot to draw shapes of Square, Rectangle, Hexagon, Octagon & Circle.
  • Learn other programming fundamentals through Scratch Programming
  • Develop your own Computer Games using Scratch programming


Learn the Engineering & Math

  • You will learn different programming concepts in an easy way like
    • For loop
    • While loop
    • If & else statements
    • Using variables 
  • Sounds boring but you'll love the way Maths concepts are explained in the course like
    • Acute and obtuse angles
    • Squares
    • Polygons (Hexagon, Octagon, Decagon)
    • Circles 


So, Enroll for the course & Enjoy learning !!

Who this course is for:
  • Kids age 8 yrs and above
  • Parents & Teachers
  • STEM Trainers & Educators