Ultimate Guide to Product Design: Design Gripper for Robotic

Catia V5 training: Learn to create your favorite product with catia v5

About Course

Product Design is the solving of a design problem from the assignment to the final product design. Many design methods may lead to a product design but also the design process which include embodiment design. The most time absorbing part of the design process is, in general, embodiment design: going from idea to realisation. 

In this course we will passed by the basic stages for design the product, and follow it with tutorial of design for Gripper for Robotic Arm step by step.

Who this course is for:
  • Interest in product design
  • Interest in Mechanical Engineering
  • Interest in Robotic
  • Interested in Production and Manufacturing
  • Individuals wanting to get started with 3D modeling
  • Designers, Engineers, Makers, and Hobbyist
  • Anyone interested in developing their skills in Catia V