Мой друг - робот: введение в социальную робототехнику / My Friend is a Robot: Introduction to Social Robotics

My Friend is a Robot: Introduction to Social Robotics

About Course

Robots will live and work with us side by side, they cook us a meal and discuss with us our favorite TV series, they'll look after our children and our parents ... All science fiction writers wrote about it, isn't it? The idea of ​​"common future" of humans and robots is in the air. The future is now: social robots will soon become part of our everyday life. Are we ready for this? What matters, in addition to technical, it's important to decide today? What matters, in addition to technical, it is important to decide today? What are the changes of society can be predicted? What is the specificity of the social human-robot interaction?

In this course we will look at a new interdisciplinary direction - social robotics. We'll discuss the socio-cultural aspects, without affecting the technical features of the development of robots: • the role of culture in shaping perceptions of the social robot; • the importance of the social robot interface; • ethical aspects of social interaction between human and robot.

After completing this course you will: • learn about the social features of the robot and how does it differ from the traditional idea of ​​robots; • be able to list the main issues and areas of social robotics; • be able to explain what "Frankenstein Syndrome" and "uncanny valley effect"; • be able to carry out basic primary analysis and evaluate the social robot interface; • be able to explain why a man should not do harm to the robot; • be able to offer your own rules for an ethical code developer of social robots; • learn how to study social interaction of human and robot; • create a social robot concept and evaluate the work of their colleagues; • be able to predict the possible consequences of social interaction between man and robot.   I invite you to the interesting conversation about social robots!