Robotic Process Automation using WinAutomation 8

Learn Robotics Process Automation with easy to understand and powerful features of WinAutomation 8.0

About Course

This course is designed by leading industry Practitioners keeping optimal mix of Robotic Process Automation concepts, WinAutomation 8 capabilities and real-life simple scenarios. The course will act as a stepping stone in the World of RPA Technology and solid foundation to kick-start as WinAutomation Developer.

At the end of this course, Candidate should be able to,

  • have clear understanding on RPA technology and most of the WinAutomation features.

  • implement WinAutomation and automate the Business Processes to a large extent.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners and professionals looking to upskill in Robotics Process Automation using WinAutomation 8.0