Writing Robotic Arm using Arduino(Development & Programming)

Writing Robotic Arm Development Using Arduino, Graphical Understanding of Algorithm - My Own Developed Simple Algorithm

About Course

- Do you Want to develop a robotic arm which can write just like human ?

- Do you Want to learn writing robot Algorithm using graphical material ?

- Do you Want to develop your own custom robotic arm which can write any alphabet ?

Writing Robotic Arm is Arduino based project. It is a programmable robot with similar functions of human arm. Writing robot able to write different alphabets. Writing robot can write in our handwriting style.

An algorithm designed for this purpose which provide different angles to robotic arm on which robot moves to write alphabets. Algorithm is completely designed by me. Graphical material will allow the students to learn algorithm from A-Z easily without any complexity.

This course will cover theory to practical implementation of writing robotic arm development step-by-step. It doesn't matter you are beginner or advance robotics developer. I designed this course so that everyone can learn basics to advance concept of writing robot.


Why Should You Enroll in This Course ?

You should:

- If you are super psyched about robotics

- If you want to develop your own Writing Robot which can write any alphabet like human

- If you want to develop a custom robotic arm

- If you want to learn writing robotic arm algorithm and its implementation using Arduino


Moreover if you learn how writing robotic arms actually work then you can develop other robots very easily, like Welding Robot, Painting Robot, Assembly Robot, Material Handling Robot, Palletizing Robot.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone Who Wants Develop his/her own Writing Robot Using Arduino
  • Anyone Who Wants to Learn Writing Robotic Arm Writing Process/Concept
  • Beginner Who Wants Learn How to Program Servo With Arduino
  • Beginner Who Wants to Know How to Develop Hardware of Writing Robotic Arm