Learn RPA using UiPath - Robotic Process Automation

A most easy to understand UiPath course for Beginner to Intermediate Level

About Course

Hello and welcome to the course on Learning RPA using UiPath.

NO PREVIOUS knowledge about UiPath or programming is required for this course.

Every organisation aims at higher productivity at lower cost and RPA is helping organisation achieve this. This is the reason of rapid increase in adoption of RPA technologies by organisation. RPA market is growing rapdly. Among all the available RPA tools, UiPath is the leader. In this course you will get to know about UiPath tool with practical examples and easy to understand method. By the end of this course you will able to build Robot on your own.

If Automation excites you and if you want to become part of this future word of automation then this course this definitely for you.

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone. Automation is future, learning RPA will add bonus points to your career, no matter in which domain you are
  • Anyone who want to become RPA developer
  • Anyone who want to automate their repetitive business task without any prior programming knowledge
  • Anyone who want to secure their white collar job in near future