Arduino Robotics, Arduino IOT & Arduino Game programming

30+ step by step projects for Kids, Parents, Beginners on Arduino Internet of Things, Robotics, Arduino Game programming

About Course

Be a Technology Creator Today !!! Discover the scientist in you.

# No boring theories. Start Arduino Programming from very 1st Lecture.

Are you excited to create something immediately without getting into too much subject theory which bores you? Then you have landed at the right course. 

#30 days money back Guarantee but you wont need that :)


# Students Reviews

- Easy Step by Step Course

- Great into to IOT

- This is a very useful course i have completed 1/2 of the course with in 1 or 2 weekends i have learnt a lot and i teach to my friends and i have i got second position and i am very happy. 

Learn Theory while applying them

Research has shown that theoretical learning leads to decrease in interest in the subject and is one of the biggest hindrances to learn new things or new Technology. That's why we have created an Arduino course for every body where you start building Arduino applications and learn theory along with it. You can make such a complicated Technology look like a kids stuff !!

The 3 Parts of the Course

  • Arduino Robotics to learn all the fundamental of Arduino Hardware & Programming

  • Arduino Internet of Things (IOT) to learn applications of Arduino

  • Arduino Hardware Game Design course to program Arduino as a Game Controller

The course has been deliberately kept short to deliver outcomes quickly & we have knowingly skipped few concepts which are not necessary while starting but are learning barriers to start enjoying technology. You will learn concepts to understand the electronics or science behind every item, Circuit designing & building circuits from scratch, logic building for programming Arduino but be assured that you will start building Arduino applications from the very first session


Easy to use, learn 2 software together

You will use a Scratch based programming platform which makes it easy for the learners to start writing Arduino programs immediately. You will learn different programming concepts like for loop, while loop, if & else statements but in an easy way. You can also learn the coding & its syntax used in Arduino IDE as the software generates IDE codes too.

Build your own Arduino Robotics & Arduino IOT (Internet of Things) Applications

Step by step approach to build IOT systems. Learn basic IOT fundamentals to develop & build your own applications on IOT without using special hardware.

  • Build step by step electronic circuits for LEDs & Motors

  • Build electronic circuits

  • Control an LED from Internet, Mobile & Keyboard

  • Control a Robot from Internet, Mobile & Keyboard

  • Build a Home Security system with remote control any part of world

Be a Game Developer & Build your own Arduino Playstation !!

Step by step approach to build animations, programming instructions to build games & Program the Arduino to build your own games which can be controlled by hardware (push button, Sensor) interfaced with the Arduino you will also program your computer so that you can play the games using your keyboard. You will build many games during the course like 

  • Flapping wings Bat Game

  • Obstruction avoider Bird can be played using the IR sensor

  • A full fledged Paddle Brick Game

  • Car Racing game

Learn to program for the Game Features

  • Displaying Dynamic Scores

  • Display messages of Winning or Losing the game

Enroll today & enjoy Creating Technology !!!

Who this course is for:
  • Any beginner in Arduino
  • Children above 10 yrs (below 10yrs under supervision)
  • Parents who wish to teach Electronics, Robotics, Arduino programming to their kids
  • STEM educators & Teachers
  • Anyone who wants to start an Arduino Robotics or STEM Class for kids
  • Non technical Enthusiasts
  • Hobbyists with no programming background