The Ultimate Python Unit Testing Course

This course is all you need to become a master python tester

About Course

No software products should ever be shipped to the user without being tested. Making sure that your code works by writing effective, powerful, and sophisticated tests is a must in today's competitive world. This course is designed to turn you from a complete beginner to an expert in using the python Unit Test library. You will learn:

1- how, why, and when should you test your project?

2- how to test functions, classes, efficiency, and console print output?

3- how to organize your test files and test cases?

4- what, when, why, and how to use the test driven development method? 

And more!

This course will be the best investment that you've ever made since we will build 11 projects that will ensure that you're extremely comfortable with testing.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone new to Unit Testing and who wants to master Unit Testing
  • Anyone who wants to build better quality software with fewer bugs
  • Any developers who want to transition to a senior level