Python Package Development

Build, test, deploy and maintain python packages on PYPI

About Course

This course deals with the complete workflow related with Python packages:

  • Building: The structure of a python package along with PYPI guidelines will be discussed in detail in this course.

  • Documenting: Documentation is a very important stage in the software development cycle in order to help an end user understand your product. We will be building documentation for our package using Markdown. The syntax of Markdown will be explained in detail as well.

  • Testing: We will be testing the build of our package locally and soon be writing tests to make sure that runtime errors are reduced.

  • Deploying: The built package will be uploaded to the PYPI and PYPI-Test website to be available to the world to install by a single pip command.

  • Maintaining: The process of updating is also discussed in this course along with the basics of how to assign version names to your packages

With most of the aspects covered related to a software development lifecycle, this becomes a comprehensive course for python packages.