All about Arduino Wireless and the IoT

A complete course on using your Arduino to communicate data wirelessly

About Course

This course is a strong foundation for understanding IoT utilizing wireless Arduino communications.  We will be using both the Arduino and the ESP8266 for wiFi and radio functions.  This course will give students an good understanding of IoT and wireless communications utilizing Arduino and the ESP8266 with inexpensive wireless transmitters, receivers and transceivers. We will go over most of the popular and least expensive methods, tools, and associated hardware to pass data wirelessly between devices and over the web and through the cloud. Students will learn how to configure, develop, and program these popular and cheap wireless devices to trigger an event or pass data between devices.

Who this course is for:
  • Engineers interested in IoT applications
  • Hobbyists who want to "make" and wish to send data wirelessly with Arduino
  • Students enrolled in Engineering who are interested in wireless communications with Arduino
  • Arduino enthusiasts looking to add IoT and wireless expertise to their embedded toolkit
  • Anyone wanting to learn the basics of IoT