NODE MCU: ESP 8266 - Micro Python Network Programming and IOT

Using micropython and ESP8266, Network protocols - HTTP REST API, MQTT and Network-Socket programming & IOT demystified.

About Course

In recent times, micropython is becoming increasing popular in resource constrained  IOT devices such as NODE MCU 8266 etc.,due to its flexibility, light weight and syntax similar to python programming language.

The course extensively uses micropython programming. Further more, not just IOT devices, the machine - to - machines communication uses wide range of protocols such as REST API, MQTT and more important socket network programming. This course cover all these protocols through presentation and  demonstration through Open source cloud applications, tools. 

The course coverage is as follows :

  • Getting micropython installed / flashed on to NODE MCU 8266.

  • The IDE used communication of NODE MCU 8266 such as Esplorer and uPyCraft.

  • REST API and communication with cloud through IOT - NODE MCU 8266.

  • MQTT protocol.

  • Socket programming

    •     TCP

    •     UDP


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Happy learning!!

Who this course is for:
  • Any one interested in learning about NODE MCU 8266, IOT and about micropython
  • Students of Computer science, Electronics