IoT: MQTT with Adafruit, App Inventor and the ESP8266

Courses of Moutinho Electronics series and the LED V1.0 project

About Course

The Internet of Things (IoT) allows many types of connection, In this course, Dr. Moutinho will show you with the LED V1.0 project how to establish control under the MQTT protocol (Message Queue Telemetry Transport ) and alternatively, also using App Inventor MIT. Free platforms allow a broad spectrum of communicatig and control systems (as demonstrated in the repositories of the code libraries).

The accuracy of the content and the duration of this course are sufficient for an immediate examination about the flexibility of the M2M control with the MQTT and P2M platform with the Android application.

Who this course is for:
  • IoT and thechnology lovers
  • Software & hardware solutions for IoT applications
  • Interested in building Communications protocols for the control purpose in: house, office, company, etc.
  • Inventors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers and students