Exploring AWS IoT

Device to AWS Cloud integration: Programming Embedded Devices and managing data in AWS IoT

About Course

This course explores the various features of device to cloud communication using Amazon AWS IoT  Core on a AWS  free tier account.  


Before the course starts we need an AWS free tier account, a local installation of the AWS CLI tool, and and installation of the MQTT.fx testing tool (all free).  After this is set up we will program inexpensive, WiFi enabled embedded devices, like the ESP8266, ESP32 and Raspberry Pi 3 to communicate with AWS IoT Core over MQTT.   Before programming any hardware we use  

We will take advantage of free "Internet of Things" (IoT) prototyping development environments, like Mongoose OS in JavaScript, Arduino in C, Zernyth in Python, AWS FreeRTOS in C,  and the AWS IoT SDK in both JavaScript and Python for the Raspberry Pi to program our inexpensive WiFi devices.

Who this course is for:
  • Engineers interested in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Electronic Hobbyists wanting to acquire more IoT skills
  • Web or Cloud Programmers interested in Embedded Devices
  • Embedded device Programmers interested in learning AWS Cloud