Build a Scalable Big Data IOT Web Application From Scratch

Build an Integrated IOT Hardware Solution with RESTful LAMP/WAMP Web Service Horizontally Scaleable for Big Data

About Course

  • Learn how to develop an IOT  website/application from the ground up using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, and PHP to develop beautiful responsive web pages on a  LAMP/WAMP server. (LAMP: Linux Operating System, Apache Web Server, MySQL database, PHP), (WAMP same as LAMP but with Windows Operating System)

  • Learn how to use WIFI Modules and basic Electronics to connect your sensors and other electronic hardware to IOT web applications.

  • Learn how to utilize a web hosting package to serve your IOT web application on the Cloud.

  • Learn how to take your application to the next level by integrating you RESTful web Application to the HADOOP ecosystem for Big Data.

A perfect mix of theory and practical application will help you not to only reproduce the projects in this course but also give you the foundation to go out and make your own applications.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner to Intermediate level electronic or computer science DIY/enthusiasts
  • High School/College Students who want to start the journey towards electronics, software programming, and web page development
  • Novice to 5 year experience engineers or web developers that want to develop IOT products
  • Entrepreneurs that want to make their own IOT system or have the knowledge to hire the right people to build IOT systems