Blockchain Programming: Smart Contracts with Ardor

Learn blockchain development by building smart contracts with Ardor blockchain technology

About Course

This course will show you how to create and deploy blockchain smart contracts using Ardor blockchain technology.

Instead of using Bitcoin, EOS or Ethereum, we will use Ardor.

The course takes students of any level through the production and deployment of blockchain smart contracts.

Videos show a step-by-step guide, that depicts every single part of the process.

You will be given the tools you need to execute your ideas for blockchain apps and businesses.

You will build skills that can be used in other projects, such as Hyperledger.

Blockchain programming is made simple with this easy-to-understand class!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to build and deploy a blockchain contract.
  • Beginners looking to get involved with blockchain development
  • Anyone who is HODLing cryptocurrency and wants to improve themselves by learning to BUIDL.
  • Business owners looking to use blockchain technology in their company.
  • Ardor fanatics who want to use the Ardor blockchain to the peak of its potential.
  • People looking to get into blockchain programming.
  • Bitcoin, EOS, or Ethereum users looking to explore a different blockchain technology