Blockchain for Business: How To Make Money With Blockchain

Understand the principles of Blockchain, and learn how to Build Successful Business Models based on this technnology

About Course

Exciting, right? Can you imagine capturing just a percentage of this money with a new business model? Or finding a job to lead a new blockchain business unit within a larger corporation? Well, that is the main objective of this course: to explain to you in a very practical way the technical principles of Blockchain, along with the necessary methodology to create successful business models based on this technology.

To do so, in the first part of the course, we will give you a detailed understanding of Blockchain technology covering the following key topics: public key cryptography, hash functions, blocks, the Chain and peer to peer networks.

Next, we will discuss about the future of Blockchain, especially about smart contracts.

And, finally, we will practice building specific business models based on Blockchain. We will use the Canvas method, a simple tool for designing innovative Business Models based on nine essential components: value proposition of our blockchain solution, customer segments, channels, customer relationships, resources, activities, partnerships, revenue stream and costs structure.

Who this course is for:
  • Business Development
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • Start-ups
  • Strategic Consultants
  • C Level people
  • Sales People
  • Anyone wanting to gain knowledge in Blockchain
  • Anyone wanting to gain knowledge in building Business Models