Developing and Deploying Applications on HTMLCOIN Blockchain

Using Solidity Language to build Smart Contracts and publish them on the most promising blockchain in the market.

About Course


Blockchain developers are already amongst the most desirable professionals in the market, and the opportunities for joining great projects are already knocking on our doors.

This course is aimed to everyone who wants to start their path on blockchain development. The platform used is HTMLCOIN, a very interesting project that merges Bitcoin and Ethereum technologies.

We will cover the main aspects of Smart Contracts and Solidity language, and then build and deploy a Document Timestamping decentralized application to HTMLCOIN blockchain.

Since HTMLCOIN development is inherited from Ethereum, any development content in this course would be the same for Ethereum Smart Contracts as well.

Please join us on this journey, bound to a worldwide tech revolution.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to develop decentralized applications on the HTMLCOIN blockchain