Developers Guide To Blockchain, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Learn the core concepts of cryptocurrency and its underlying Blockchain technology by implementing it in JavaScript

About Course

It’s the perfect time to start learning blockchain technology, and we’ve got the perfect course to help you master it!


Originally designed by Satoshi Nakamoto for his Bitcoins, Blockchain has evolved to become something much bigger. It is no longer limited to implementations in cryptocurrencies, but instead is spreading its reach into other segments as well such as database, finance, IoT, and so on.


So, what exactly is Blockchain? The term Blockchain refers to a list of records that constantly grow when more information is added to it. These blocks (chains of information) are linked and secured using cryptography.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to learn the implementation details of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and the underlying Blockchain technology will find this course very useful