Become a Blockchain Expert (BE I) Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

Learn Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, Mining, Altcoin, Wallet, Exchange from the Best Course for Crypto Beginners

About Course

This course is the first module of a three-module course series that involves enormous amount of information in video, quizzes and additional resources that covers all aspects of blockchain from beginner to advanced level.


This first module of the course series is perfect for beginners in blockchain. If you are a beginner, by taking this module, you will get a solid foundation on various concepts of blockchain learning so much new information such as what Bitcoin and blockchain are, how they work, what wallets, exchanges and mining are. In addition, you will get to practice many things with me, such as opening up an exchange account, creating and using a wallet, buying, selling and transferring cryptocurrencies, mining cryptocurrencies, and much more! You can check the ‘What will I learn?’ section for a full list of contents covered in this module.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone that wants to learn what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are and how they work
  • Anyone that wants to buy/sell & send/receive cryptocurrencies and make money
  • Anyone that wants to mine cryptocurrencies and make money
  • Airdroppers, bounty hunters, blockchain enthusiasts, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, cryptocurrency traders, ICO community managers, ICO business development managers, ICO marketers, ICO press managers,… that want to have a solid understanding of blockchain
  • Project managers, product managers, developers, advisors/consultants, entrepreneurs, government officials, marketing specialists, venture capitalists, investors, traders, bloggers, authors, analysts, lecturers, professors, recruiters,… that need to understand blockchain technology for professional reasons