Big Data Analytics in Telecommunication

Understanding the transformative nature of Big data analytics in Telecommunication service provider domain

About Course

Telecommunication Industry is fundamentally the backbone of modern digital world.  Nedless to say, it is the biggest revolution after industrial revolution of eighteenth sentury. It is the catalyst to changes the colonial world to a global village. The human has been transformed from a citizen to netizen. Why so? Being the interconnected nature of telecommunication network and evolution from a wireline to wireless network, mobile phone has become more personal than anything. The millennials and Gen-Y has been taken the transformative consumer and enterprise market to a new level using the emerging technology and backbone communication network. Because data flows on telecommunication backbone, Telecommunication industry become  the significant contributor of “Big Data”.  Think of, every object on earth communicating with each other and exchanging data ! The data generated is at a very high velocity is huge in volume and wide variety. But do you know “ WHAT are the sources of Big Data generation in Telecom Industry?”   

With Big Data Analytics, Telco’s are utilising the gathered data for better business decision making. Multiple Telecommunication Service Providers have been opting multiple techniques to enhance the hidden insights and foresight of Big Data. But do you know “HOW Telco’s are using Big Data tactics to enhance their revenue?

The transformation in Telecommunication Industry by Big Data has discovered the various opportunities (such as network performance monitoring, fraud detection, customer churn detection and credit risk analysis) which help Telco’s to stay ahead in competition. But do you know “WHAT will be the roadmap on Big Data in Telecom Industry?”