Big Data Analysis with Apache Spark PySpark: Hands on Python

Learn to analyse batch, streaming data with Data Frame of Apache Spark Python and PySpark

About Course

The top companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Airbnb  using Apache Spark to solve their big data problems!. Data analysis, on huge amount of data is one of the most valuable skills now a days and This course  will teach such kind of skills to complete in big data job market.

This course will teach  

  • Introduction to big data and Apache spark

  • Getting started with databricks

  • Detailed installation step on ubuntu - linux machine

  • Python Refresh for newbie

  • Apache spark Dataframe API

  • Apache spark structured streaming with end to end example

  • Basics of Machine Learning and feature engineering with Apache spark.

This course is not complete, will be adding new content related to Spark ML.

Note : This course will teach only Spark 2.0 Dataframe based API only not RDD based API. As Dataframe based API is the future of spark.