Apache Spark With Examples for Big Data Analytics

In-depth course to master Spark SQL & Spark Streaming using Scala for Big Data

About Course

This course covers all the fundamentals you need to write complex Spark applications. By the end of this course you will get in-depth knowledge on Spark core,Spark SQL,Spark Streaming.

This course is divided into 9 modules

  1. Dive Into Scala - Understand the basics of Scala that are required for programming Spark applications.Learn about the basic constructs of Scala such as variable types, control structures, collections,and more.
  2. OOPS and Functional Programming in Scala - Learn about object oriented programming and functional programming techniques in Scala
  3. Introduction to Apache Spark - Learn Spark Architecture,Spark Components and spark use-cases
  4. Spark Basics - Learn how to configure/run spark in eclipse/intellij
  5. Working with RDDs in Spark - Learn what is Resilient Distributed Dataset,Different types of actions and transformations which can be applied on RDDs
  6. Aggregating Data with Pair RDDs - Learn how Pair RDD is different from RDD,Different types of actions and transformations which can be applied on Pair RDDs
  7. Advanced Spark Concepts - Learn how Spark uses Broadcast variables and Accumulators to perform calculations,how persistence and partitioning helps to achieve performance
  8. Spark SQL and Data Frames - Understand the difference between Dataframe and Dataset
  9. Spark Streaming - Learn how to analyse massive amount of dataset on the fly