Big Data Analytics in IOT domain

An essential guide for application of big data analytics in Internet of Things domain

About Course

You would be learning the IOT from its origination perspective , how industry is approaching it, what are the challenges, how unstructured data in real time basis is analysed, what insight it can give. It will also provide the tool, technology and platform available for experimentation and business intelligence.  You will be challenged to get yourself working as a team player because independently nobody can excel in this field, together a group can. The technology domain will discuss the working expertise you need  for finding a place in IOT and big data  analytics value chain.  

The course is accompanied with the industry use case, quiz and assignment to evaluate the progress. We wish you happy journey for "Big Data And IOT" course.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to build career in IOT and Big data analytics
  • Anyone who wants to understand the future of IOT and application of big data analytics in IOT domain