How Big Data is Defining the Future Executive

Information, Insights and Influence - Learn how big data is changing the role of the future business executive

About Course

Today’s executives are facing rapidly evolving challenges. Competition is fierce and customers are more demanding than ever, putting pressure on companies and their leadership.

Big data is changing every part of the organization – how we communicate, how we hire and how we serve the customer. What effect will this have on the leadership teams and the functions they manage in the future? What do executives need to know about big data analytics?

This course will examine how the explosion in big data is changing the role of the executive through a number of real-world business examples, published surveys and global case studies. You will learn how to change, adapt, leverage, and implement big data in the executive role to make an impact through improved decisions.

Who this course is for:
  • Business professionals in functional and technical leadership roles who are responsible for managing teams, making operational decisions, or setting organizational strategy