Business Analytics with Big Data: A Complete Guide

Understand about various types of analytics.

About Course

This course is all about Business Analytics which gives exposure to various types of Business analytics, types of data, data sources, understanding of Big data and Big data analytics and Social Media as well as Social Media Analytics. 

While going through this course student often find Business terminologies, several technical aspects, Big Data as well as Social Media related details.

This course contains 8 Sections covering various topics with 35 video lectures and several quiz sections for testing your knowledge. Curriculum is systematically arranged in such a way that student will feel the flow of the subject making understanding easy.

Entire course is close to 3 hours of engaging lectures. Every video has graphical representation which keeps students engaged to the topic.

Course is structured in a flawless manner. Starts with a brief about course provider. That followed by reasons why student should take this course. Post explaining this new section starts with Introduction, significance of Business Analytics to Business, Data and understanding of Data, Big data concepts and details about Social media analytics.