Apache Spark Hands on Specialization for Big Data Analytics

In-depth course to master Apache Spark Development using Scala for Big Data

About Course

Firstly, this is the most comprehensive and in-depth course ever produced on Apache Spark. I've carefully and critically surveyed all of the resources out there and almost all of them fail to cover this technology in the depth that it truly deserves. Some of them lack coverage of Apache Spark's theoretical concepts like its architecture and how it works in conjunction with Hadoop, some fall short in thoroughly describing how to use Apache Spark APIs optimally for complex big data problems, some ignore the hands-on aspects to demonstrate how to do Apache Spark programming to work on real-world use-cases and almost all of them don't cover the best practices in industry and the mistakes that many professionals make in field.

This course addresses all of the limitations that's prevalent in the currently available courses. Apart from that, as I have attended trainings from leading Big Data vendors like Cloudera (for which they charge thousands of dollars), I've ensured that the course is aligned with the educational patterns and best practices followed in those training to ensure that you get the best and most effective learning experience.