BRINGLE Blended Meetup-Women Empowerment

#BRINGLEBlendedMeetup is a Networking and Branding opportunity for #Top100MentorsClub

About Course

Bringle is striving to create the World's Largest Skills Development Ecosystem with Holistic Training & Development Programs across the globe for all age groups & segments. #BringleMeetups is an initiative focused on Professional Networking beyond Social Media.
Bringle is organising the first of it's own kind Blended #BringleMeetups andfirst one is on 9th March 2019 with the theme of #Balance4Betterwhich focuses upon changing the mindset of men for empowering women and providing women a more exciting and relaxed working opportunities.
#BringleBlendedMeetups are spreading across its wings in countries like India, UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, China, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia and many more. 
Reach us at for any collaborations, sponsorships and participations.
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