School Blended Learning & Child Security Solution

Holistic Solution on SkillsProfiling, Career Progression and Child Security

About Course

52% of the parents are worried about their child security and 47% are worried about career progression.

Bringle Academy in collaboration with STUDENT ATTENDANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (SAMS)  provides a holistic solution to help for parents 99% of the problems in this B2B package deal starting Rs.1000/- ($15 USD) per child per annum.

Our Offerings:
  • School Blended Learning Portal with Gamification and Virtual Labs
  • Portal Integrating School Website (with parents, teachers, students and curriculum)
  • Discussion Forum & FAQ Section for Teacher, Principal, Parents, Students.
  • CBSE/ ICSE Animated Videos, Assessments and Foreign languages.
  • Films for School
  • Psychometric Analysis and DMIT
  • Cognitive  Aptitude Development Platform

We look to automate a large part of the education process in the lowest cost possible so that we can reach a big section of the population to mass educate them. In this regard, we have readily available  following features :

  • Skills Profiling Reports and Career Counseling Platform :  Including Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test (through fingerprints)
  • Virtual Skills Development Center : Including LIVE Classrooms, content curation platform and 1 on 1 mentoring 

Child Security:

We also provide student tracking solution with the following features:

1.       Manage the attendance of a child in school including entry and exit of the child to and from school.
2.       Manage the yearly schedule, curriculum, schedule of examinations, performances of children throughout the year.
3.       Manage teachers’ performances, appraisals and management.
4.       Integrate it with the school portal

This can be upgraded with GPS LIVE Tracking with Parents Mobile Application by buying a one-time device.

Single Mentor Access to our Virtual Skills Development Centre per annum can save as high as Rs.90k per month.

Benefits for Schools:

  • Create your free School Profile Page here to do counselling with parents for admissions.
  •  Mentor Access to our Virtual Skills Development Centre

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