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Most people do not know about the skills they possess and which career path they should choose. The time duration to start a batch, which is very long generally due to trainees-trainer time synchronization, that sometimes leads to training batch cancellations and rescheduling as well. Most of the time, travel, professional and social commitments do not allow students and professional(s) to attend the traditional classroom-based education Unavailability of Trainer(s) during certain dates, especially during weekends due to huge demand and for proficient trainer(s) since there is a huge demand and that leads to wait time for student(s). After training effectiveness and consultation, especially when it is for the exam preparations and readiness. Once up-skilled, individuals are struggling for placements.

Utilizing the advance technologies we have acquired for our own Gamification Platform, making learning interesting.
  • Multiple Intelligence Tests are conducted for understanding individual’s growth structure and training methodology is designed accordingly.
  • We engage students in various workshops giving them exposure and enhance their soft skills which are required in their day-today activities.
  • Key highlights of the program are: Logical and quick thinking, problem solving, decision making, and more.
We have designed a detailed curriculum which will develop a child holistically so that he/she would be able to take care of academics without external support and that's why they would be called as Master Beyond Academics (MBA4Kids) and major features would be covered: 
  • Home Work/Project Work/Academics Support & Tuitions
  • Each child would have SkillsProfile developed and discussed with Parents & then the Holistic Development be done through a variety of Skills Development Programs



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