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About Course

At the onset, we would like to thank you for your interest in this Crazy concept. We call this Crazy as we are working to bring a revolutionary product which can not only provide highly nutritious diet to Vegetarians but also would provide an alternate to those non-vegetarians who would like to shift to vegetarianism if they get a similar taste and feel.
This whole initiative is being launched to settle off the age-old fight between Meat and Plant eaters. We have tested it out with various hard core Non-Vegetarians and they could not tell us the difference and hence, joining the mission of #HealthyVegLiving with #CrazyVezy.
Current Traction:-
CrazyVezy is already having 2 COCO outlets in Ahmedabad and 2 in Mumbai. We have got a UK based Investor Anil Patel and now raising 2nd round of funding.
We have got cloud-based technology platform for Point of Sale, Google Assistant AI based ordering chatter bot, Kitchen and recipe management, Inventory control and analytics.
We have got multiple vendors and associations for our products already and our CEO is the Hotel Management graduate and work personally to develop more recipes. As a team, we have our presence in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Baroda and have developed Central Kitchen, Recruitment, IT and Systems teams, Vendor Management Team, Accounting and Finance Teams. 
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