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About Course

When we started the business in running training webinars and an education franchise, began interacting with students of various age groups, capabilities and locations to understand their up-skilling process / training requirements, and collaborated with trainers, we recognized a lot of gaps that leads to concerns among student(s) and trainer(s).

The major concerns we found were :

Most people do not know about the skills they possess and which career path they should choose. The time duration to start a batch, which is very long generally due to trainees-trainer time synchronization, that sometimes leads to training batch cancellations and rescheduling as well. Most of the time, travel, professional and social commitments do not allow students and professional(s) to attend the traditional classroom-based education Unavailability of Trainer(s) during certain dates, especially during weekends due to huge demand and for proficient trainer(s) since there is a huge demand and that leads to wait time for student(s). After training effectiveness and consultation, especially when it came to exam preparations and readiness. Once up-skilled, individuals are struggling for placements

Our Solution

The challenges made us think of and build our Bringle Academy Virtual Skills Development Platform (ARIA, that intelligently supports different benchmarks and measurements for evaluation of teaching and learning effectiveness, as well as evaluation of educational paradigms, with respect to knowledge transfer, retention rates, assessment statistics, graduation rates, and other related metrics.

The ultimate goal of Bringle Academy using Web-based education is increasing the learning opportunities and efficiency, not the technology itself. This blended technology framework that can take place anytime, anywhere with the help of a mobile / computer device which is more convenient for both trainer(s) and learner(s). 

The role of our Bringle Academy End to End SkillTech platform is two-fold:

  1. To present a range of educational services (such as learning, communication, and assessment) and provide wireless two-way communication between trainer(s) and learner(s)
  2. Delivery away from an academic institution, in an alternate location such as at work, at home or a learning or community center, yet in the form of a structured learning experience 

We work in 8 different areas to skill people to make them productive individuals contributing positively to society. These 8 focus areas are:

  1. School children
  2. College students
  3. Corporate professionals
  4. Entrepreneurs
  5. Persons with Disabilities
  6. Housewives
  7. School dropouts
  8. Trainers / Mentors

We look to automate a large part of the education process in the lowest cost possible so that we can reach a big section of the population to mass educate them. In this regard, we have readily available features in just $0.50 USD per day for:

  1. Live classrooms with upto 100 students capacity with all the features of an actual classroom including Video/Audio connect, Whiteboard, Screen sharing etc along with recording feature availability
  2. Content Curation Platform with features like curating readily available content or curate your own Content using Virtual Labs and Gamification.
  3. 1 on 1 Mentoring for a personalized seamless coaching experience 

Why do we look to you to join this learning revolution?

As a very large part of your work deals with skilling people too, we would like you to join us in this mission of #StopGOOGlingStartBRINGLing #KeepBringlingKeepGrowing by registering for a Demo Access at our Blended Learning platform in 3 simple steps :- 

  1. Register at
  2. Update all details including KYC and Banking details for Royalties.
  3. Submit your Request and Update your Available Timings for 1 on 1 Mentoring sessions.

We have a complete ecosystem from SkillsProfiling including DMIT, Psychometric Analysis and Cognitive Aptitude Development Platform as low as $15 per person and they can use the report while applying for the jobs or higher education through our Mobile Applications SkillsChamp (available in both Android and iOS).

We also look at Empowering Women and help persons with disability through our non-profit organization Vardaan ( We have a students’ volunteering program as well. (#Sonekichidiyakojagao, #DisabilityIsNotInability, #LakhiBagh)

We hope that we can work together in this noble cause of educating people and help in building a humane and compassionate society.

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