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About Course

Entrepreneur, mentor, writer, solution provider, action-focused, these are some of the attributes that best describe me. I prefer to bring an idea to life by implementing it at the earliest possible, especially if it appeals to me. I am open to learning something new and acquiring skills to help me in the long run. I am a firm believer of the below-mentioned pointers:

1) Whatever happens, is by the will of God, for the best and in its own time.

2) Focus on the action (karma) and perform it wholeheartedly.

3) Take care of karma and time; karma and time will take care of you.

4) Learning is a continuous process and can happen from anyone.

5) Every interaction is a learning curve.

6) Do not fail to cease and soon you will cease to fail.

7) When it is not necessary to take action, it is necessary not to take action.

8) Time and failures are some of the best forms of learning.

9) Give importance, but never be dependant on something or someone. Always have a backup or contingency plan in place.

10) Network with as many people as you can to build meaningful relations. You never know who will help you when, where and how.


A number of millennials and older people have reached out to me to be their mentor, coach, guru, guide, counsellor, advisor, consultant, etc. That’s where I realized the importance of building meaningful relationships. Based on my personal experiences of administering companies, the documentation involved, the branding and brand strategies that need to be applied, I can help other people with these aspects to run their own business or ventures. To facilitate this, I have penned my first publication under Business Asia titled “Journey of an Entrepreneur” based on my personal experiences and approaches. This ebook is available for free download from my website businessasia.media/publications.

Attitude and approach

I prefer to be flexible and approach people with an open mind. I like to take an approach of “present options with pros and cons – let the other person decide.” That’s how I get my sales – I do not have to convince anyone to buy from me, rather, I let them make a buying decision. This is one of the sales techniques that I am learning and implementing. Another sales technique that I am learning is the art of “sell without selling”. This technique plays a vital role in building relationships for business.

Currently, I have three ventures

1) Zanzeria Family Consultants – this is a written and media content development company. Here, I undertake projects for making short videos, infographics, written content (online and offline), website design and development, social media marketing, digital and content marketing.

2) TrillKom InfoWorks – this is a pr and media company in which I undertake publications and event management. The premiere publication of this venture is Business Asia. This is platform for distilled commentary on subjects and geographies.

3) TrillKom Foundation – this is a private educational trust which is a media convergence sanctuary. This will help to nurture aspiring journalists to develop necessary skills.

What type of written content do you provide?

All types of online and offline written content. Blogs, articles, case studies, white papers, reports, presentations, corporate documents, SOPs, SOWs, training materials, document templates, etc. All of these will be 100% genuine, organic and plagiarism free. Online content such as blogs and articles will be well researched, SEO friendly with three keywords and appropriate call to action.

Do you have samples of written content that you can share?

Yes, you can visit my website artismatic.gallery and visit the blog section. While you’re on my website, do take a look at the video too.

What type of videos do you create?

Videos are of different types. My focus is purely on intro, explainer, animated and similar template-based videos. The lengths of these are generally upto two minutes. Majority of these range from 35 to 75 seconds. This time is enough to give an overview of your products and/or service offerings.

Do you have sample videos that you have made for other clients?

Yes, you can visit my website artismatic.gallery. From here, you will get a link to my various YouTube channels. The channel named “Zanzeria Family Consultants” has completed videos for my clients. This can also be searched directly on YouTube.

Do you do voice-overs for videos?

Yes, I do voice overs. For one of my clients, I have recorded nearly 40 tutorial videos in two languages for his entire platform. These can be found on YouTube under the name of “eManageHealth”.

Do you also make presentations?

Yes, I can make presentations beginning from templates to different types of presentations depending on requirements and target audience. Some of my presentations include, but not limited to, pitch decks for investors, business canvas, company corporate profile, etc.

What is the difference between presentations and videos?

There are plenty of differences. Let’s look at these individually.

Presentations consist of slides. Each of the elements of these slides can be animated using the limited set of animations the presentation software offers. Presentations consist of a fixed size and aspect ratio of each slide. These cannot be varied individually. Presentations are good as “assistants” for a speech or training sessions. These generally represent text with elements of graphics to create a visual effect.

Videos are more often effective visual story tellers. These consist of a series of movements either as live living beings or as animations or a blend of both. Any type of video can be created to effectively narrate a story visually. Videos are generally accompanied by appropriate background music, voice overs, sub titles, etc.

Why are your prices so high? There are others especially freelancers who can and will do it for much lower rates.

My price justifies the value that I provide. We believe in quality products. We strictly do not indulge in taking any ready content from the net, modifying it, rebranding it and then delivering it to our clients. That is a strict no for us and against our policy to provide any type of content that will harm our customers’ interests and relations.

➢ For my text content, I ensure that my content is 100% original and organic, well researched and plagiarism free with appropriate call to action. This is checked by tools and by humans to ensure that good quality written content is delivered.

➢ For my infographics, images and other static visuals, every pixel is royalty free and void of any copyright claims or issues. We use authentic and genuine stuff which is available online via paid subscriptions or creatively crafted by our team.

➢ For my videos, I use premium subscriptions to source the video and audio clips and the visuals within the video. Every second of my videos is royalty free and void of any copyright claims or issues. This includes even the audio and the recordings. We believe in using authentic to provide genuine.

Do you also provide hosting with website development?

Yes, I do provide a hosting solution that is simple and cost effective. With my solution, I can give you the ability to create unlimited number of email accounts for your domain. These come at no additional cost and are part of my offering. If you go to a renowned provider like Google or Microsoft, you will have to pay for every email address that is created. With my offering, that is a huge savings, at least initially. Later, when you scale, you can consider migration based on requirements.

What topics/subjects do you mentor?

My focus is primarily on entrepreneurship. I help in managing different aspects of entrepreneurship and effectively managing your company/firm. Different aspects have been outlined in my publication titled “Journey of an Entrepreneur” which can be downloaded for free from my website, businessasia.media/publications.

What is the duration of your mentorship?

The tenure of my mentorship depends on how long you need my help and how deep your pockets are. The duration of each mentoring session is half an hour which can be availed from the Bringle platform.

Do you provide any kind of support or collaterals as part of your mentoring?

Yes, I do provide support in the form of paid services which you may need from time to time. Pricing would depend on requirements.

Yes, I do provide paid collaterals that will be tailored as per your requirements and populated with my guidance and content.

Why are you charging separately for collaterals or additional support?

I am investing time and effort to develop the content and the collaterals to help you with your venture and aspirations. If there is any other service that you would like to avail, I can provide that too for an additional fee. One of the reasons is that I am engaging my team to develop the content as well. Hence, I need to ensure that they too get reimbursed for their time and efforts.