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Art of Delegation for Business Owners & Professional Leaders

Course Leads

  • Vinod K Pandita
    Vinod K Pandita


  • Bringle Academy
    Bringle Academy



  • What is Art of Delegation and who should have or learn this ART?

     Art of delegation is one of the important Leadership Skills, which every leader should learn and develop to get things done effectively from their second line of command or teams sporting to that leader.

  • How can a leader learn this art of delegation and make best use of this skill set?

    Leaders should focus on their strengths and delegate their weaknesses is an effective way of delegation but they should also make teams responsible for their achievements and engage them through this process of effective delegation.

    To develop this skill set, leaders in any capacity engaged/working in corporate, small and medium business space and business owners should understand the roles, responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities of their team members.