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Watch the another LIVE Charity Telecast of Litrathon 2018 organized by TeenzClap FutureWorks (conceptualised by Sapna Kappal and Pranav Kappal)

Workshop - Litrathon 2018 - where Municipal Schools Children with limited resources of age group 12 to 18 years become Authors

Date - 15th December 2018

Time - 10 Am

Location - Pune 

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Detailed Information -

Co-Partners - NotionPress and TheApprenticeProject

Digital & Global Outreach Partners - Bringle Academy and Vardaan4u

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TeenzClap FutureWorks(conceptualised by Sapna Kappal and Pranav Kappal) is partnering with #NotionPress and #TheApprenticeProject to launch a unique initiative for underprivileged children. Through the efforts of this collaboration, underprivileged children between 12-18years of age will be #mentored to become potential #content writers and #authors. The project will bring together schools, teachers, mentors and publishing houses. The initiative, being kicked off in Pune on 15th Dec, will focus on mentoring deserving children on the theory of #creativewriting , practice #shortstories and eventually co-author books. Notion Press will be collaborating in the project as the publishing partner to bring out and facilitate sales of the book written by these underprivileged kids. It is intended to ensure that the co-authors are #oneboyonegirl duo in order to make this an #equalopportunity with no#genderbias. The proceeds of the book sales will be given to these young #underprivileged authors.

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