Introduction to Python 3

basic fundamentals to advanced usage

About Course

This course aims to provide a solid grounding in python for those students who have some understanding of computer programming or already know another programming language. Working professionals who have some familiarity with computer programming or are experts in other programming languages will also benefit from this course.  Even if you have already done some programming in python, this course can help you refresh your knowledge and solidify your grasp of the language. The syllabus is modeled after programming languages courses taught in most prestigious universities around the world.

What this course will cover:

  • Numbers and Strings

  • Variables, Statements and Expressions

  • Functions

  • Lists and Dictionaries

  • Control Flow and Looping

  • Sets and Tuples

  • File and Console I/O

  • Python Objects and Namespaces

  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Functional Programming

  • Exception Handling

  • The Python Standard Library

  • Regular Expressions

  • Testing and Debugging